Most of the works featured on this site are already *sold* – and are non-replicated originals.  Please inquire regarding a specific request.  We will post a section of finished, for sale works soon.

@mysketchbookweighsaton is a concept and handle created by artist, David Piper.  David has over 20 years of professional experience and has worked with clients nationwide.

David is a painter.  He was born to a family of artists and has been fascinated with art since his earliest days.  And it doesn’t hurt that he shares a birthday with Picasso.  😉 …

Though highly adept with landscapes and pet portraits – David’s true passion is creating telling stories through murals.

Most works are painted with acrylics on a number of surfaces including gallery stretch canvas, heavy stock, wood panels, walls both indoors and outdoors…  He also paints using ceramic underglaze on an unfinished or handcrafted ceramic surface, then firing the piece(s) with a glass glaze.  This method allows him to design and puzzle together “tile murals.”  After his installation process, these tile murals have the potential to thrive for hundreds of years.  … You name it, he’ll find a way.  …

Originally from Terrell, Texas, David traveled extensively nationwide before relocating to Chicago in 2009. He left briefly but couldn’t be kept away for long… He was brought back to Chicago on July 4th, 2017. He currently resides in the Bridgeport neighborhood with his “Squeeze,” and his furry friends – Penny, Courage, and Oliver.


We are filled with pages.  Every day, new pages, more pages, recreated pages, renewed pages.  The process never ends.  It is who we are and what we do.

We believe in a certain type of collaboration that breaks tradition and works to bring you, well, anything and everything to customize, quench, and revive the appetite of your eyes.

We are a brainchild of our professional painter, sketch artist, muralist, illustrative story-teller, tile-mural ceramicist, interior decorator, sculptress, and conceptualist.

From our small endeavors, such as pet portraits, to our great aspirations of urban street art and large-scale city-beautification — we strive to break our own barriers, to re-think and re-do, and out-do ourselves.  Over and over again.

We truly hope to create and expose works you could list among the best gifts you ever given – or the most unique and thought-provoking artworks your guests have ever seen – right on your kitchen wall, or in the alley next to your place of business.

We are Chicago-based.  Our roots and experiences are cross-coastal.  Concurrently, we are cross-cultural-craving, wander-lusting, and always renewing and evolving…  Always ready to take on new projects and to share our lush, effervescent experiences through our art and design.

See our portfolios for examples of our various disciplines of work.  We await your contact and look forward to creating for you.